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We can change them whenever we want, though we will try to let you know when we do. For reference, the site Terms and Conditions are below:

1. Accounts

Creating an account gives you full access to the free services, which includes the ability to read all content and most publishing features.

Don’t open a Hot Coin account on behalf of a company, political campaign, organization, or other entity, unless you are authorized to do so. No exceptions.

You may never use another User’s account without permission.

You can only use one Account at a time, unless using a fully disclosed group account for an organization, campaign, or Hot Coin community group. And even in that limited exception, both accounts cannot interact with each other (such as uprating comments).

Don’t sockpuppet (the creation of multiple accounts); we will find out and terminate both accounts.

Don’t claim you are someone who you are not. We are perfectly happy with pseudonyms. If you want to protect your identity, use one of those.

Use real passwords, with upper and lower case letters and numbers, so no one can “guess” your genius “p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d” password. Because ultimately, you are responsible for all activity on your account. And similarly, we are not. And if someone breaches your account, let us know immediately.

We have a right to ban and block you from the site at our discretion, and will do so if your actions and/or behavior negatively impact the site or its community. So please behave.

2. Copyrights and trademarks
Hot Coin” is registered trademark. Don’t use it without permission or we have to send you a lawyerly letter.

All site content written by Hot Coin staff is published under an open content license. That is, anyone can republish it anywhere, for any purpose, without written permission. That’s not a typo. WITHOUT.

Photos, on the other hand, are owned by the photographers and you should assume that they are NOT in the public domain. Don’t steal them unless they are attributed to public domain sources.

Don’t try to rip off our site brand. We will pursue and shut down any site attempting to mimic our look and feel with sound-alike URLs or common misspellings. We have done it before, and we will do it again.

Obviously, if you are posting on the site, you’ve given us permission to publish it. And by doing so, you also give us the right to further distribute that content in our affiliated outlets. If you’ve got something worth reading, we’ll try and get more people to read it.

Don’t plagiarize. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward stealing other people’s content or identity.

3. User Content

We are an Internet Service Provider, e.g., We are Not Responsible For and Do Not Necessarily Hold the Opinions Expressed by Our Content Contributors
It should go without saying that with hundreds of thousands of registered users, and tens of thousands of diarist/bloggers, there is great diversity in thoughts and opinions. So just because you read it on the site doesn’t mean “the site” said it or thinks it.

Content created by non-staff bloggers is the sole responsibility of those individuals and its accuracy and completeness is not endorsed or guaranteed. By enabling grassroots publishing on the site, Hot Coin is not adopting any obligation or liability from that content.

Hot Coin has no obligation to monitor the site for inappropriate or unlawful content.

4. Limitation of Liability

You Will Be Responsible for Any Harm We Suffer as a Result of Your Violation of These Terms and Conditions. Generally speaking, if you suffer harm from any violation of these Terms and Conditions, it’s your problem, not ours. We aren’t liable. However, at our discretion, we reserve the right to engage in the legal defense of any attacks on our community’s rights or other such critical issues.

5. Disclaimer

Your Use of Our Site is Subject to Certain Disclaimers. Our site is available “as is.” Sometimes, our servers go down. Sometimes, a site feature breaks. Sometimes, a reported “fact” turns out to be an error. While we aspire to perfection, chances are we’ll occasionally come up short. You can’t send us back to the manufacturer for a full refund.

6. Third Party Links

We are Not Responsible for Linked Sites. If it’s not under a Hot Coin site, it’s not our responsibility or problem. And linking to a site doesn’t change that pretty obvious fact.