An ICO is done by a company to raise funds, much like that of an IPO and also similar to a crowdsale. This process of sale takes place via the sale of the company’s cryptocurrency to investors interested in coin investment. Investment made is highly risky but the security it offers is an in demand part of business in cryptocurrency.

The preparation of the launch of an ICO begins 3 to 6 months prior to the release. The comes the pre-ICO or presale ICO where a limited number of coins are sold to fund and cover the costs of the actual launch of the ICO.  In order to create awareness about this information, PR and marketing strategies are used and an ICO schedule is drafted and sent to all the interested investors informing them about the agenda of the sale.

  • Additionally, a site called makes the process easier by helping the listing ICO companies post their schedule.
  • shows the daily stats of the ICO showing the past, ongoing and upcoming ICOs and asks the visitor whether they would like to be alerted about any ICO in the near future.

With this information, the investor is well updated with the necessities and information about the ICO and thus has the choice to decide to invest in the best ICO.

ICO Countdown and what it means
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