We can define ICO as an initial coin offering. Which means that a person will offer the investors some units of new cryptocurrency. It can also be a crypto-token which they give in exchange against cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Ethereum etc. There are many ICO platforms where cryptocurrency exchanges take place. Some of the platforms are Ethereum, stellar, bitcoins etc. But most of the times when anyone thinks of ICO, Ethereum is the one which is used more often used. This decentralized computer for the exchange of cryptocurrency has been favorite of all for a very long time. Some other platforms are Stratis, IOTA, spectrecoin and many more.

This ICO exchange takes place on many different platforms. Every time a review list is generated that is called ICO review list. The list is generated according to the best token exchange that has taken place. The review will be based on the platform used and the token that was exchanged. And accordingly, the rating is given. Similarly, the same way as the review list is generated some other statistics are also generated like initial coin offering data. This data will be consisting of many useful and important things like recent performers, comparisons, upcoming ICOs etc. The offers are made with investors at the initial stage for the exchange. That entire data can be seen over here. Thus, there are many ICO platforms which are proven to be the best in their own type of token exchange method.

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