We can define ICO as an initial coin offering. Which means that a person will offer the investors some units of a new cryptocurrency in exchange for some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins or Ethereum etc. There are many platforms of ICO which can be used for different works. Some of the top ICO to invest in are Ethereum, Qravity, Coti, Akropolis, the pool of stake, bitcoins, AITrading,and many others. Each and every platform is known for its own specific properties. Qravity is a platform for people who are creative so that they can collaborate the content creation and their product monetization. Coti is also an ICO platform which is an abbreviation for the currency of the internet and follows the traditional method of the payment process.

There are many ways to buy and invest these cryptocurrency tokens and ICOs. Coinbase is one of the best cryptocurrency index tracker.This is a sort of trading or investment strategy where an investor can keep a track of the vast market or a segment. This tracker is used because there is a fast increasing economy, high risks in investing and selling. Hence one should be aware of all the current events and updates going on. So the trackers help to do that. This way it becomes easier to deal with cryptocurrencies.

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