The cryptocurrency details are included in the pre-ICO list. The upcoming ICOs can be seen on the list. This will help the customers to book for the token even before the sale for token begins. These help in raising money with a very small and minimum amount and offer tokens at a lesser price with more bonuses. It is in short known as ICO pre-sale. They generate an ICO price listwhich includes all the prices of crypto coins and also about the offers. This list will help users or customers to decide about the coin that they are going to trade with or which they are going to purchase.

Hence, this list will help the customers to be firm about their decisions beforehand so that there are no regrets later. Sometimes they also give the coin ICO schedulewhich contains the details of new and upcoming ICOs. So the ICOs are listed even before the sale starts so that customers can decide which coin to buy. These type of lists will help some companies or projects to secure funds to compensate for expenses occurred during the launching of coins.

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