We can define ICO as an initial coin offering. Which means that a person will offer the investors some units of new cryptocurrency. It can also be a crypto-token which they give in exchange against cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. So, the basic question everyone tends to get is what is an ICO bitcoin? and how it works? ICO bitcoin is a platform where the exchange happens very smoothly. According to the review it is the most secured and trusted platform. More than a platform bitcoin is a decentralized currency which can only be exchanged for a token in an ICO. Bitcoin ICOs do not handle the smart contacts to that extent.

More often the coin report is generated which will be including all the information about the coins like coin name, category, its total sales, funds raised and many more. The reports also generate about the best sale and give an insight about upcoming ICOs. It also tells about the performance comparison for bitcoins. The coins sales are in enormous amount of volume and the funds raised is also more. Everything will be generated as a report where the users feedback is also recorded as a review.


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