A list of icos of Ethereum that follow the ERC20 Token list standards and are genuine. Since almost all the icos right now, including Bitcoin Casino / Sportsbook ICOs, are based on the Ethereum coin it becomes hard to distinguish scam from real icos but fortunately the ERC20 token list standards have changed that around. Now a lot of icos are forced to follow these standards in order to prove their genuinity and to gain the Ethereum approval. We’ve picked a list of icos supported by Ethereum that are great competitors in the game.

Virtual Rehab





QuickX Protocol


Zero Carbon Project

These Ethereum Link ICOs are not just Ethereum exclusive, they can be exchanged for tokens through other coins like Bitcoin, litecoin etc. Make sure you read the white paper and conduct proper research before investing on these icos. Even though the ERC20 standards work to make the icos more secure it can’t guarantee a good return on investment. That can only be achieved by having the right vision and intuition. You can only develop an intuition for investments through research and learning. So do as much research and observe the market to understand how the nature of the ico is and how well they fare against competition.

Ethereum ICO List

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