Overstock (OSTK) is a company that has joined the traditional ICO when it announced to launch its cryptocurrency.  It launched a cryptocurrency known as ‘tZero’ through its platform. In the very immediate result to the launch of the cryptocurrency, it received a pleasurable welcome by getting placed in the top ICO in the market. Though, here we will see the characteristic of tZero:

It uses the Blockchain platform to trade.

tZero aims to develop a solution for any issues faced by the token in order to give its fluidity and leave it undisturbed with the compliances with the Law.

The tZERO ICO secures funding.

It helps in funding the tZero token to develop and add more of the essential role to it.

Though the purpose of any ICO is to secure funding that is essential for the development of the company. tZero provides the user with tremendous security reliability and many other features which actually attracts for it to be the next cryptocurrency to invest in the funding sources. Thus the heavy crowd of ICO hot list is here:



Sirin Labs








Overstock ICO review

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