Blockchain technology is mostly associated with Bitcoin, however it has plenty of applications except cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is just one of such applications, rather famous though. Yet times are changing and we have been introduced to Ethereum, a blockchain based software platform which allows creating other decentralized applications.

Yes, it is true the Ethereum, just like Bitcoin is a distributed public blockchain network but these technologies differ when it comes to purpose and capability. Unlike Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum is created to running the programming code of decentralized applications. Being a platform, Ethereum does not have a cryptocurrency, but has Ether token instead. Such crypto tokens make the whole network move. Despite not being a cryptocurrency, Ether tokens are still widely used to pay the transaction fees on Ethereum network.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are traded on all big crypto exchanges and Binapex is not an exception. On Binapex, Ethereum is available for both standard and margin trading with a leverage up to x10. To improve the trading process, Binapex enable an API connection for trading bots and terminals.

One of the things that make Ethereum a unique platform is an ability to create smart contracts. And not just ordinary standard smart contracts, but with enhanced functions. Such smart contracts are known to be able to manage the enforcement, implementation and payment. Currently that is much more than we could ever imagine in our wildest dreams.

The main benefits of using Ethereum is that third party can’t make any changes to the data. As said above, Ethereum is based on blockchain, which makes it impossible to hack.

The best place to trade Ethereum
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